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Hi and welcome!

I humbly weolcome you to my journal ^^ I hope you will enjoy your stay ^.-
Please notice that even though most of my entries aren't 'friend locked' you are more than welcome to add me to your friendlist if you enjoy my posts.

In this journal you will find:
- My daily life
- Comments and such about rehearsals for different plays and musicals. I am currently a part of the cast for the musical "Elisabeth" planned to premiere this June, so that is what I'll be writing about when it comes to rehearsals.
- My bad humor


Life as it goes

So what's new? ^^

I didn't get into University, I had too low marks. It sucks :/ But not as much as I thought it would. I had my doubts about it before, so I'm thinking that taking a years break and just work will do me good. Especially if I can move into my own place and get a cat :3

Well as some of you may know I've had an apartement in Jönköping for about two months now. I meant to move in in August if I got into school but now I won't do that anymore. So I put out an advertisment on this swedish website - and i got a response right away! So my plan is to get rid of the apartement hopefully around next week! ^^

Elisabeth - end of a chapter

So Elisabeth has finished running now ^^ We had the last show this Friday. I think it's going to take some time to truly understand that I wont be doing this show anymore. :/ I already miss Lucheni. When I realize I won't be playing him any day soon, it makes me sad.

Still, you have to look towards the future :) Next show will be RENT, and that will be lots of fun! Something to look forward to. ^^

By the way. A couple of Japanese girls came to watch one of the shows XD They didn't know a word in swedish, so I coudln't help wondering if they understood the storyline. But turns out they were fans of Elisabeth and Takarazuka! ^^ One of them, a thirtheen year old girl, said she became my fan. I was very happy when I heard it, so I gave her a hug, and she got all squealy. Not sure what to make of that XD

I bring pictures

We took the photoes for the poster today. Here are some of the photoes that were took ^^

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What do you think? Will we be okay? ^^


We were in the newspaper yesterday! ^^


Since the lighting inside the theater was dim they took us outside, so we rehearsed outisde of the theater XD And since all the clothes aren't ready, we all look a little off :P But I hope it'll do for now ^^

Radio interview!

Me, Stephanie and Helena was interviewed by the radio (Radio Sjuhärad, P4) today ^^ It was a lot of fun! But I was so nervous! ^.^' Fortunately the girl who talked to us was so nice and enthusiastic that I forgot about being nervous ^^

We arrived at the studio at 2 p.m and was interviewed for a whole of 30 minutes! ^^ It was recorded (so we could do retakes). We talked about the project and the musical. It was so much fun! ^^ We also sung "Milk" ^^ Although we were only three people singing, and not the entire group of 20, we did good, if I may say so myself. ^.-

The interview will air the 12th of May, either at 10:30 a.m or 11 a.m. The whole thing will also be available online at their website, along with a picture of us! ^^

Writer's Block: Happy 420

What movies do you like to watch and what kind of munchies do you like to scarf down when you're enjoying some free time?

At the moment I've discovered "Glee". So that is something that I enjoy. I also watch "Criminal Minds" from time to time. It was recommended to me by a friend. ^^ I'm also a big fan fo "Charmed" and I own all the seasons, so occasionally I watch them.

When it comes to the munchies I like to take some time of and have coffé and a cookie. ^^

A rapier!

I went to the local "role play" store in town (yes my town has a role play store! xD ). I've been there before this week and asked if it was possible to hire a rapier for the musical.

As it turns out, they gave it to me, free of charge! And it's mine to keep until the musical is over! ^^ They were so nice and kind and generous!

PcitureCollapse )

The idea is that Franz- Joseph will wear this in his belt during a few formal scenes, such as the wedding and the crownation (I also want to use it in the final scene with Death and Franz). I think it's perfect for Franz- Jospeh! ^^

At the time when the musical takes place the Austrian court followed the strict rules of the "Spannish ettiquet" and to make the cotume for the musical as correct as possible I've studied it some. The spannish ettiquett required a man to wear his rapier almost anywhere he went. And when seeking the "company" of his wife he had to wear "a feathered hat, his rapier, and a flagon with water". o,O

Quick summary!

Rehearsals are going fine ^^ There are eight weeks left until Opening Night and I'm very stressed out and (already) nervous ^^'' It feel as though we rehearse all the time! xD On Saturday next week we'll start rehearsals at the theater.

We had a performance for the "Art Club" yesterday. We sang a few songs from the musical to summarize the story ^^ We were well received and I think they liked what they saw ^^

This Tuesday there's this "2 for 1" offer to go see "Sunset Boulevard" in Gothenburg. I'm thinking about going. Taking a small break in rehearsals :)

Math is going great, now that I've switched to another teacher. My new teacher looks strangely familiar to this http://www.acc.umu.se/~coppelia/images/poohpics/gopher.gif.
Japanese is also going smoothly ^^

Scenography and props

The other day I went to the workshop to help our scenographer. ^^ We built a "tombstone-chair". In the scene after Rudolf's death takes place at a cemetery. We have one big tombstone that's Rudolf's. We also want to have two smaller ones in the background.

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Yesterday we went to the Gothenburg Opera house. I'm gonna put that under an lj cut in order to not fill up your friend page with text ^^''
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By the way. The local radio station contacted me. They want to have us in the studio for their midday show.